Two decades ago we would probably find Thais getting a cup of coffee or making photocopies for her boss at her first job in the fashion industry. At the time she had just graduated from college and was pointed out by one of Brazil’s major newspapers as a promising talented fashion designer. “My mom kept the article and showed to everyone at the building that we lived”, recalls Thais.


After spending some time in CIA. DO LINHO, Thais was hired as assistant designer by a streetwear brand called CAVALERA and was soon promoted to head designer when her predecessor left the company. She was just 24 years old at the time.


Her work at CAVALERA turned out to be very successful. With the help of good friends and collaborators Thais managed to turn it into a very desirable and cool brand. Sales surged, the fashion media fell in love with her irreverence, pop personality, and the CAVALERA was soon invited to participate in a fashion week for new talents in São Paulo called “CREATOR’S HOUSE”. After a few fashions shows it moved up and landed in SÃO PAULO FASHION WEEK (SPFW), South America’s biggest fashion event.


CAVALERA’S first show on SPFW was such a big hit that the media, the public and the organizers were taken by surprise and went totally crazy for it. Everyone eagerly waited for the next season to see what crazy and funny thing would they do next. Thais and her fashion team worked hard and kept the pace, always surprising the audience at each one of the brand’s fashions shows. And so after a few seasons CAVALERA became a cult brand in Brazil. For many times it closed the event and managed to have people standing up, singing, cheering, applauding and dancing to the show’s tracks, even if most part of the crowd was barely managing to survive the marathon of 40 fashion shows in a week.


In 2001 Thais received the “Best Revelation in Fashion Design” award, given by “FOLHA DE SÃO PAULO”, one of country’s major newspapers. On the following year she was a nominee for the “Best Fashion Designer of 2001”, given by the BRAZILIAN ASSOCIATION OF THE TEXTILE INDUSTRY (ABIT).


After a long period working as CAVALERA’s head designer (1998-2003), Thais was hired by ZAPPING, a brand that was in need of some fresh ideas. So Thais tackled her new assignment with her customary courage and zeal. Her first fashion show in SPFW for ZAPPING was a huge success. The magic was still there.  Costanza Pascolato, one of the most respected fashion editors in Brazil said in an interview: “...Thais has a supernatural talent”. She did four more collections and fashion shows for the brand and called the attention from A.M.C. Textile, one of Brazil’s biggest fashion companies. They called her to a meeting and the fashion designer was hired to work in a brand they had just bought called SOMMER.


So Thais moved to a small rural town in the south of Brazil where the company was located and stayed there for two years. The brand had its fashion shows in FASHION RIO instead of SÃO PAULO FASHION WEEK and Thais made three wide acclaimed fashion shows and four collections for SOMMER but after a while she started to feel really homesick. So she moved back to São Paulo and instead of looking for work in a brand like she always did, Thais started her own company of fashion consulting.


Her first contract was with one of the most enduring and pioneering retailers in the global fashion business that is still active. But her company also worked for some other brands like ADRIANA BARRA (São Paulo) and OH BOY! (Rio de Janeiro) and also two wholesale fashion companies called VITAMIN and CROCKER.


Besides her work as head fashion designer for multiple companies for several years and in the fashion consultancy business nowadays, Thais still manages to find time on her agenda to do some other works in the fashion industry and the media. She did the costume design for two operas, wrote for six years a successful fashion column in one of Brazil’s top teenage magazine (CAPRICHO), developed a co-branded top selling shoe for MELISSA, collaborated several times with the technical material for a public institute of higher education (SENAC), participated as a fixed juror in the TV Show “TEMPORADA DE MODA CAPRICHO” for three seasons, is part of WGSN’s Flux group of fashion intelligentsia, and also occasionally is hired to give lectures and workshops around Brazil.